How to Get Back on a Jet Ski After Falling

How to Get Back on a Jet Ski After Taking a Fall

Are you planning on renting a jet ski while you’re on vacation? It’s a fun way to enjoy the water and experience the adrenaline rush as you hit the accelerator and cruise around. However, there’s always the chance that you’re going to fall off. No one wants to find themselves in the water without the ability to get back on the jet ski. Fortunately, we put together this guide to help you understand how to get back on a jet ski after falling off.

How to Get Back on a Jet Ski After Falling

When you rent a jet ski, it comes with a safety lanyard that attaches to your wrist and has a key hooked to it. If you fall, the line pulls the key from the ignition, killing the motor. This basic safety feature prevents the jet ski from running away from you and ending up miles away.

Can you imagine if the jet ski kept running and sped away while you were out at sea? That will be a long swim back to the shore! Jet ski riders will receive a Coast Guard-approved life jacket when renting the jet ski, and when you fall, the jet ski engine turns off, and you’re left floating on the surface in close proximity to the personal watercraft (PWC).

Follow these steps to get back onboard the jet ski.

Step 1 – Stay Calm

Falling off a jet ski doesn’t happen often, but if you’re powering through the surf, the momentum of the waves and the ski going in opposite directions could push you off. The first rule, if you fall off, is to stay calm.

Step 2 – Swim to the Jet Ski

Swim over to the jet ski and approach it from the rear. You risk capsizing the sea doo/jet ski if you try to get back on from the sides.

Step 3 – Get Back Onboard

Most jet skis have grips on the stern, allowing you to place your hands on the deck and pull yourself back onboard. You’ll use the same approach as getting out of a pool to climb back onto the jet ski. Pull your body onto the rear deck and use your abdominal muscles and hips to pull yourself forward.

Some models come with rear decks attached to the stern to make it easier to get out. Others have folding steel or rope ladders to help you climb back onboard. If you don’t have the upper body strength to pull yourself out of the water, you might want to ensure you get a boarding ladder from the rental company before venturing out into the ocean.

What Do I Do If I Can’t Get Back onto the Jet Ski?

Most lifejackets come with an emergency whistle attached. If you fall off the jet ski and can’t get back onto it, blow the whistle five times to signal you’re in distress. If there’s someone around you, they’ll hear the whistle and come to your aid.

Do Jet Skis Circle Back After a Fall?

We’ve all seen the movies where the rider falls from the jet ski, lands in the water, and the jet ski runs away from them. It makes an arc and starts turning back to them, with the motor cutting right in front of them. That’s not the case in real life.

The kill switch activated by the key removing itself from the ignition kills the motor, bringing it to a dead stop. The key lanyard either attaches to your wrist or to your life jacket. Always double-check before taking off and make sure you don’t leave the dock without it strapped to your wrist.

Can I Be Injured If I Fall Off a Jet Ski?

Some jet skis can reach top speeds of 65 mph, which is enough to knock you out if you fall. If you fall and are unconscious, the life jacket will usually float you on the surface with your chest facing upward. However, most novice jet skiers don’t need to go above 40 mph to get an entertaining and thrill-seeking experience.

In most cases, you’ll hit the water and be fine. However, high-speed falls or collisions with other objects can cause broken limbs, whiplash, or spinal and head injuries. Be safe, and don’t take any risks when you’re out on the water. Don’t go out alone on a jet ski unless you’re an experienced rider. Always travel in a group and pay attention to the people around you.

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