Neon Nights Boat Cruise - Fort Myers, FL

Neon Nights Cruise

Neon Nights Cruise - Fort Myers, FL

Fort Myers Neon Nights Cruise


Join Captain J as we set sail for calm waters and colorful skies!

Escape the ordinary and embark on a captivating journey under the night sky with our Neon Nights Cruise. Picture yourself aboard a charming riverboat, gently gliding along the serene waters as the city lights create a vibrant spectacle around you. This 2-hour boat cruise in Fort Myers, FL promises an enchanting experience like no other.

Key Features:

Spectacular Neon Lights:

As the sun sets and the night comes alive, our Robalo R230 RGB lights illuminate the waterway, transforming it into a mesmerizing wonderland. Take in the captivating sights as you glide under the starry night, capturing unforgettable memories.

Relaxing Ambience:

Let the soothing river breeze caress your face as you unwind in the comfortable seating areas on our riverboat. Captain J and the crew will take care of everything while you kick back and bask in the tranquility of the waters.

Socialize with Friends:

Share laughter, stories, and camaraderie with your friends and fellow cruisers. Our Neon Lights Cruise provides an excellent opportunity to connect, create memories, and build lasting friendships.

Safe and Captivating Journey:

Relax with peace of mind as our experienced Captain J navigates the waterways, ensuring a safe and enjoyable cruise. Feel free to ask questions and learn fascinating facts about the area’s history and natural beauty.

Perfect for All Occasions:

Whether it’s a birthday celebration, a romantic date night, or simply an escape from the daily grind, our Neon Lights Cruise caters to all occasions and promises an evening filled with joy and wonder.

Bar Hopping Extravaganza:

Get ready to explore the best bars and hotspots in the Cape Coral, FL area with our carefully planned bar hopping itinerary. We’ve handpicked the most happening venues where you can sip on unique cocktails, sample craft beers, and dance the night away.

Picture-Perfect Moments:

Capture the magic of the night with stunning photo opportunities throughout the cruise. The neon lights, the vibrant cityscape, and the joyous atmosphere will make for some incredible snapshots to cherish. Join us aboard the Neon Lights Cruise in Cape Coral and immerse yourself in the magic of the night. Book your spot now for an experience that will leave you enchanted and rejuvenated. Let Captain J be your guide to relaxation while you revel in the neon-lit ambiance. Book your 2-hour escape today!

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Neon Nights Cruise - Fort Myers, Florida

Quick details
Duration: 2 Hours
Ages: 18+
Capacity: 6