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Ten Things You Need to Know About JetBlue Park

If you’re a fan of baseball, and you’re anywhere near the Fort Myers area during spring training, then you need to check out JetBlue Park. This amazing new ballpark is home to the Boston Red Sox during their pre-season warm-up, and it’s a sight to behold. From its stunning architecture to its wide variety of dining and entertainment options, JetBlue Park has something for everyone. Here are ten things you need to know about this one-of-a-kind ballpark:

1. You Can See it from the Air

If you’re flying into Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW), then you can enjoy a bird’s eye view of JetBlue Park. Although this awesome ballpark is located beyond the airport perimeter, planes arriving and departing on certain runways will fly directly over it.

2. It’s Part of a Larger Development

JetBlue Park is one component of a much larger development known as the City of Palms Park District. This district is home to several other entertainment venues, including Top Golf and T-Bones, along with many dining options. The entire complex is located on City of Palms parkland adjacent to Whiskey Creek, which provides easy access to the River District.

3. The Field is One of the Largest in America

With a playing surface measuring 11,000 square feet, JetBlue Park’s field is one of the largest in America. It has an expansive outfield consisting of Bermuda grass with various patterns to give players the best footing possible. All of these elements combine to make this ballpark truly special.

4. It’s a Diamond in the Rough

Much of what JetBlue Park replaced was run-down and completely outdated. Yet, through hard work and determination, this ballpark has been reborn as a premier destination for fans, families and corporations. The result is a facility that truly shines above all others.

5. It’s Just the Right Size

At JetBlue Park, you won’t have to worry about wrestling for position along the railings or contending with crowds. From its concourse to its concessions areas, everything is easily within reach. There’s also something here for everyone, from die-hard baseball fans to those who are simply looking for a fun time out.

6. The Concessions are Legendary

JetBlue Park has some of the best concessions in all of baseball, including offerings that can’t be beat. You can get everything from burgers and pizza to salads and wraps – all with a ballpark twist. Plus the majority of the food is created right here on premise; you’ll never go hungry at JetBlue Park.

7. The Views are Spectacular

The stadium is built in a way that ensures an excellent view of the game from nearly every seat. With the concourse running behind third base, you’re never more than 100 feet away from the action no matter where you are. It’s also fully accessible to those with disabilities; everyone enjoys baseball at JetBlue Park.

8. There’s More Than Just Baseball

Baseball isn’t the only thing you can see at JetBlue Park; many great musicians have performed here in recent years, and there are even more exciting shows planned in the future. With a party deck and an amphitheater set upon the former center field fence, there’s always something fun to do at JetBlue Park.

9. There’s Plenty of Room for Kids

Kids of all ages are welcome at JetBlue Park, including those with special needs. There are several different areas that have been designated specifically for them, ensuring that everyone has a comfortable place to sit no matter where they are in the ballpark. With free admission for children two and under, it’s easy to bring the entire family.

10. It’s Actually an Airport Hangar

One of the most unique features of JetBlue Park isn’t even visible; instead, you’ll need to know some aviation jargon in order to appreciate it. This ballpark is actually built inside a massive airport hangar – you can’t tell by looking at it, but this is the perfect place to watch the best in baseball.

JetBlue Park is one of the most unique ballparks in all of America. The park features a field that’s 11,000 square feet with an expansive outfield featuring Bermuda grass and patterns to give players footing. JetBlue has also been hosting concerts at their venue which makes it more than just a baseball stadium–it can be whatever you want it to be!

So if this sounds like something you’re interested in, make sure to visit soon before they start charging for tickets. We hope we’ve given you some insight into what goes on behind the scenes here at JetBlue Park; now head over and explore Fort Myers’ newest attraction today!


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